Featured Trailers

  • Pariah

    Directed by Edson da Conceicao

  • Sleepers Season 2

    Directed by Ivan Lopez Nunez

  • #annaismissing

    Directed by Pavel Soukup

  • Flus

    Directed by Mikael Samuelsen, Yosef Woldemariam

  • Kasko

    Directed by Mikael Samuelsen

Latest News

International teaser for ‘Mocro Maffia: Taxi’ released

Get ready for Mocro Maffia: Taxi! In the latest spin-off film from the ever-popular crime series ‘Mocro Maffia’, we follow Taxi as he loses control over his life and children. To save himself, [...]

‘Sleepers’ nominated for ‘Best Drama’ at Netherlands Film Festival

Good news coming in right before the weekend: Our #SKOOPprime drama series ‘Sleepers’ just got nominated for ‘Best Drama’ at the Netherlands Film Festival. Congratulations to the [...]

‘Mocro Maffia: Tatta’ listed among Top 5 Streaming Titles

Dutch outlet Veronica Superguide just named ‘Mocro Mafia: Tatta’ as one of the Top 5 Streaming titles on Videoland! Our SKOOP Prime action thriller is available for streaming in the Netherlands. [...]