Something Blue

Romantic Comedy90'Panama2021


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Something old, something new, something stolen?

Ana’s wedding dress ends up ruined a week before her wedding. At the hotel where she works, she finds the dress of her dreams in one of the rooms. Tempted, she decides to try it on only to be caught by Lucia, the owner of the dress. Ana escapes from the hotel dressed as a bride and decides that she must get married that same day. Now she will start a fun race against the clock where she must convince her fiancé and manage to put everything together before she is caught, while at the same time she becomes a media phenomenon. On this journey Ana runs into her ex boyfriend Rodrigo and reflects on true love.

Production Status Completed Duration 90' Genre Romantic Comedy Country of Origin Panama Production Year 2021 Language Spoken Spanish Director Mariel García Spooner Cast Elizabeth Grimaldo, Carlos Torres, Andrea Perez Meana, Robin Duran Producer María Isabel Burnes Co-production Companies Gabriel Jaime Pérez