Crime, Drama8 x 30'Norway2022


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Oslo, the wild 90’s and we’re deep into the most notorious era of Norwegian gang-related crime. Pretty laidback Bæbs has friends who are gangsters and criminals, but he’s not involved himself and believes that he’s safe from this violence. Unfortunately, after one bad choice, Bæbs is dragged into a brutal feud between two rival Pakistani gangs. Now, he’s up to his neck in trouble and only his best friend, the quick-witted Kelechi can help him. Bæbs must find his way through a violent and unfamiliar world full of ruthless criminals where every idiot is trying to live up to the title of ‘Norway’s Most Dangerous’. Staying alive will become his greatest challenge.

Production Status Completed Original Title Flus Duration Episodes 8 x 30' 2 SEASONS Genre Crime, Drama Country of Origin Norway Production Year 2022 Language Spoken Norwegian Director Mikael Samuelsen, Yosef Woldemariam Script Writer Mikael Samuelsen, Yosef Woldemariam Cast Filip Bargee Ramberg, Tobias Haile Furunes, Herman Flesvig, Hassan Javed Producer Nils Stokke, Jenny Vuong Production Company Spark Co-production Companies NRK