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After Romano’s death, Pope is determined to disappear abroad and leave the organisation to his sister Samira in the Netherlands. However, Tatta’s rip off of 2,000 kilos of Pope’s coke jeopardises this whole plan. With Taxi as a key witness, the net around Pope is closing in from both ends. Will Pope turn to Pencil to help him save his organisation? Or are they unable to put the past to rest?

Production Status CompletedOriginal Title Mocro MaffiaDuration Episodes 7 x 45'5 SEASONSGenre CrimeCountry of Origin NetherlandsProduction Year 2023Language Spoken DutchDirector Victor D. PontenCast Achmed Akkabi , Nasrdin Dchar, Robert de Hoog, Walid Benmbarek, Zineb FalloukProducer Annemieke van Vliet, Femke BenninkProduction Company Fiction Valley, RTL Nederland - Videoland