A group of criminals find their friendship destroyed by jealousy as they fall out and become enemies in a battle to control the cocaine trade in Amsterdam.

MOCRO MAFFIA, Gangs of Amsterdam: is a sprawling crime epic that charts the rise and fall of three best friends. ROMANO, PENCIL and THE POPE start as low-level criminals in the Amsterdam underworld. They gradually rise through the ranks to seize control of Amsterdam’s highly profitable illegal cocaine trade.
Unfortunately, slowly but surely, jealousy destroys their friendship…

Production Status CompletedOriginal Title Mocro Maffia5 SEASONSGenre Crime seriesCountry of Origin NetherlandsProduction Year 2018-2025Cast Achmed Akkabi, Nasrdin Dchar, Daan Schuurmans, Robert de Hoog, Mandela Wee WeeProduction Company Fiction Valley