F*** You Very Very Much

Edgy comedyBelgium2021 - 2023



“F*** You Very Very Much” follows the hilarious and heartwarming adventures of An, Flo, and Violet, a trio of sexually liberated and foul-mouthed thirtysomethings on a quest for self-discovery and fulfillment. The three BFFs embark on a wild journey to break free from their mundane lives. From mental time-travel to superhero escapades, they tackle the absurd and unpredictable, teaching us about the enduring power of friendship, self-acceptance, and living in the moment.

The series offers a raucous blend of humor, romance, and self-improvement, celebrating the trials and tribulations of adulthood. Witness a dose of their outrageous antics and touching moments as the girls navigate the rollercoaster of lifeā€¦and love!

Production Status Completed 2 SEASONS Genre Edgy comedy Country of Origin Belgium Production Year 2021 - 2023 Language Spoken  Flemish Director  Bert Scholiers Script Writer  Bert Scholiers Cast  Frances Lefebure, Evelien Bosmans and Daphne Wellens Production Company Caviar