F*** You Very Very Much

Edgy Comedy10 x 30 'Belgium2021-2022


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Join An, Flo, and Violet on their journey of self-discovery and adventure as they navigate their thirties and struggle to find their true selves. Tired of their monotonous lives, An decides to shake things up and take control. Along with her two closest friends, she embarks on a wild and unpredictable year filled with hilarious misadventures and unexpected detours. From mental field trips to the Stone Age and receiving superhero guidance, this trio will stop at nothing to find their way. Hang on tight and enjoy the ride as they discover the power of friendship, self-acceptance, and the importance of living in the present moment.

Production Status Completed Duration Episodes 10 x 30 ' 2 SEASONS Genre Edgy Comedy Country of Origin Belgium Production Year 2021-2022 Language Spoken  Flemish Director Bert Scholiers, Jonas Govaerts Script Writer Bert Scholiers Cast Frances Lefebure, Evelien Bosmans, Daphne Wellens Producer Bert Hamelinck, Dimitri Verbeeck, Malin-Sarah Gozin Production Company Caviar