Comedy, Drama 8 x 20' Norway 2022


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Norwegian-Somali Jamal is a party animal and slacker in his late 20s who enjoys a fun and carefree lifestyle. Everything changes when he’s faced with a huge and unexpected debt. His brother Osman helps him out by fixing him up with a job as an insurance investigator with an insurance company who are desperate to hire an ethnic minority. Initially, Jamal rebels against his unlikely new corporate job and life, but to his surprise, he discovers a real talent for exposing lies and fraud. Torn between two worlds, he struggles to balance his work and life. Jamal realises that it’s time he found out who he really is and who he wants to be.

Production Status CompletedOriginal Title KaskoDuration Episodes 8 x 20'Genre Comedy, DramaCountry of Origin NorwayProduction Year 2022Language Spoken NorwegianDirector Mikael SamuelsenScript Writer Mickael Samuelsen, Jonis Josef, Jenny VuongCast Jonis Josef, Vetle Søvik, Pål Richard LunderbyProducer Nils Stokke, Jenny VuongProduction Company SparkCommissioning Broadcaster NRK