Crime Thriller 5 x 35' Isreal 2015


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This thriller series follows a successful female lawyer, who has to commit the perfect crime in order to save her family from a psychotic and dangerous loan-shark.

SUSPECT is a 24 hour crime thriller about successful lawyer Daphne Tsur, whose life changes dramatically when in the morning she discovers her husband Oded was in financial trouble with his failing business and was forced to take out a loan from a ruthless loan shark, Muki Zaken. Muki forced Oded to purchase a life insurance policy and commit suicide by 9pm that day in order to repay his debt.  That same night, Daphne burns her husband’s body. Romi Dor, a sharp police detective, suspects that Daphne is a manipulative ruthless adulteress, who took advantage of her husband’s situation to murder him. Action that takes the viewer on a wild goose chase around a dark Jerusalem where all hell breaks loose.

Production Status CompletedDuration Episodes 5 x 35'Genre Crime Thriller Country of Origin IsrealProduction Year 2015Language Spoken HebrewDirector Benny Fredman Script Writer Benny Fredman Cast Mali Levi Gershon, Rotem Keinan, Dror Keren, Igal Naor and Ori PfefferProducer Shachar ZefaniaDirector of Photography Ofer Aldobi, Ido Berlad