Wave of Terror

Modern Thriller 6 x 50' The Netherlands 2024


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Wave of Terror is a tense, thrilling and spectacular new high-concept miniseries (6 x 50 min) which plunges Nadia Boukhari, the new head of the Dutch MIVD (Military Intelligence and Security Service) into a nightmarish, but horribly plausible scenario: a notorious war criminal threatens to blow up the Netherlands’ national flood defenses unless he is released from prison. Can she stop his plans before a lethal combination of revenge, secrets and political duplicity escalate this already explosive situation and devastate the entire nation?

Production Status FinancingOriginal Title Golf van TerreurDuration Episodes 6 x 50'Genre Modern ThrillerCountry of Origin The NetherlandsProduction Year 2024Language Spoken DutchDirector Bobby BoermansScript Writer Michael Leendertse & Matthijs BocktingCast To be confirmedProducer Ingmar Menning & Johan NijenhuisProduction Company JOCO Media, Nijenhuis & Co