The Hash King, My Father’s Story

Crime Documentary2 x 35'Netherlands2023


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An extraordinary and revealing two-part documentary series about the rise and fall of notorious hash dealer Jan “The Peanut” Falize, who became a legend in the 1980s and 1990s as he eluded the police for many years. His son Will was the heir to his drug dealing empire, and he takes us on a personal journey into the criminal underworld of illegal hash dealing – and the impact that growing up with wealth, violence and drugs had on his life and family.

Production Status Completed Original Title Mijn Vader de Hasjkoning Duration Episodes 2 x 35' Genre Crime Documentary Country of Origin Netherlands Production Year 2023 Language Spoken Dutch Director Ruud Lenssen Script Writer Will Falize & Ruud Lenssen Cast Jan Falize, Will Falize, Sofie Falize and Lisa Betje Weiss Producer Julius Ponten Director of Photography Will Falize