The Swell

Event Mini Series 6 x 45'Netherlands2016


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The most powerful storm in history is heading towards The Netherlands and Belgium where flooding will threatens millions of lives.

“The Swell” is the spellbinding” Event” Miniseries that attracted millions of television viewers in Holland and Belgium. This gripping contemporary story explores what happens when the national flood defences of The Netherlands and Belgium start to collapse. Five million people live on land below sea level. How will major cities and rural areas survive the disastrous consequences of flooding? Could people cope with rebuilding not just their individual lives, but their entire countries too?

Production Status Completed Original Title Als de dijken breken Duration Episodes 6 x 45' Genre Event Mini Series Country of Origin Netherlands Production Year 2016 Language Spoken Dutch Director Hans Herbots Script Writer Karin van der Meer & Maarten Lebens Producer Ingmar Menning & Johan Nijenhuis Production Company JoCo Media Co-production Companies Menuet BVBA