Crime Series 8 x 50'' The Netherlands


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LUPA is a crime series (8 x 50) based on true incidents that took place in the criminal world in the Benelux and France. A female-driven crime series about family, trust and a woman who has to rise above herself. 

When the leader of an Antwerp crime family is kidnapped after a failed coke deal, his relatives do everything within their power to get him back. But how far can you go to free your father? And more importantly; how much are you willing to give up? As the pressure rises within the family, mutual tensions increase. 

Production Status FinancingOriginal Title LupaDuration Episodes 8 x 50''Genre Crime SeriesCountry of Origin The NetherlandsScript Writer Aziz ArabProducer Ingmar Menning, Johan NijenhuisProduction Company JoCo MediaCo-production Companies Adil El Arbi & Bilal Fallah