The Fix

Crime drama 8 x 45' Netherlands 2017


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Lured by a world where money buys everything, a star footballer falls into the world of corruption and match fixing.

Johnny de Graaf (Chiem Vreeken) the star of an Italian football club is living the high life with his wife Renate (Sallie Harmsen). However, after a disastrous season and a clash with the club chairman, he finds himself sidelined and stuck on the transfer list. Before long, Johnny is lost in a shadowy underworld where football players are lucrative assets to be exploited by criminal gambling networks. Can he regain control of his life from these dangerous influences or will the lure of easy money overcome his love of football?

Help comes from an unexpected source. Dutch cultural attaché Gwen Hulscher (Maryam Hassouni) is organizing a major football tournament to promote Dutch football expertise abroad. When her brother Floris (Mingus Dagelet) disappears in Bangkok, she goes in search of him. Gwen soon discovers that corrupt forces within the Asian business world are manipulating international football at every level. Now, with millions of dollars at stake, these powerful networks will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

Production Status CompletedDuration Episodes 8 x 45'Genre Crime dramaCountry of Origin NetherlandsProduction Year 2017Language Spoken DutchDirector Mark de Cloe, Iván López NúñezScript Writer Charles den TexCast Chiem Vreeken, Sallie Harmsen, Maryam Hassouni, Mingus Dagelet