Judgment Call



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When a famous thriller writer accuses a prominent politician of rape, just before an election, their controversial trial becomes a public battle for the truth as they go head to head in court.

Just before an election, the charismatic politician Fabian Ploch is accused of sexual abuse by well-known thriller writer Amanda Richter. Richter claims that Ploch raped her twenty-five years ago during a student party. Judgment Call follows the intense trial that ensues. The world holds its breath as this high-stakes duel between man and woman begins. The verdict is set to determine our future in a politically-charged clash between the rights of men and the safety of women.

Production Status Completed Original Title De zitting Duration 82' Genre Drama Country of Origin Netherlands Production Year 2021 Language Spoken Dutch Director Saskia Diesing Script Writer Lykele Muus Cast Jacob Derwig, Kim van Kooten, Ellen Parren, Lykele Muus, Romana Vrede Producer Marijn Wigman Production Company Nuts & Bolts Co-production Companies BNNVARA