Action Netherlands 2014-2017



Theo Kamp is the best, but also the most impetuous homicide detective ever.

During the search for top criminal, Freddy van Nuenen, Theo Kamp steps out of line for the last time and is relegated to the Hemp team as punishment. Theo can keep his head down for a while here, under the watchful eye of his new partner, William Niessen, the straightest detective in the Corps. He has no intention to quit his search, but can he catch Freddy from his disadvantaged position, with William as his watchdog, and get his old job back?

Production Status CompletedOriginal Title Smeris3 SEASONSGenre ActionCountry of Origin NetherlandsProduction Year 2014-2017Language Spoken DutchDirector Erik de Bruyn, David Lammers Producer Pieter Kuijpers, Sander van Meurs, Iris Otten Production Company Pupkin FilmFilm Editor Herman P. Koerts, Wouter van Luijn