Action 10 x 45' Netherlands 2017


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When two cops investigate a human trafficking network, their friendship comes under threat as they face their most dangerous enemy.

The third season of Force begins at the Belgian border when police discover ten dead refugees hidden in the back of a truck. Willem is the cop assigned to the case and becomes the guardian of the only survivor – a teenager called Malik.

When Theo – Willem’s maverick partner –  returns from his latest undercover police mission, he is convinced that the human traffickers are being manipulated by one of their oldest enemies nicknamed ‘The Diplomat’.

According to Theo, their nemesis is trying to smuggle terrorist cells into Europe to unleash attacks on a massive scale. ‘The Diplomat’ will then exploit the resulting fear and chaos to seize control of European borders.

Willem finds his old friend’s theories shocking and unbelievable. Can Theo’s mental state be trusted? Why is he suffering from PTSD and nightmares he won’t talk about? What really happened during his year undercover? And is there any truth buried in his wild conspiracy theories?

FORCE season 3 is a dramatic climax to the turbulent friendship between Theo and Willem. Can they ever find a way to trust each other again? And will they survive a showdown with their greatest enemy as they finally confront the mastermind behind human trafficking, murder and a terrorist plot?

Production Status CompletedOriginal Title SmerisDuration Episodes 10 x 45'Genre Action Country of Origin NetherlandsProduction Year 2017Language Spoken DutchDirector Erik de Bruyn, David Lammers Script Writer Michael LeendertsenProducer Pieter Kuijpers, Sander van Meurs & Iris Otten Production Company Pupkin FilmFilm Editor Herman P. Koerts, Wouter van Luijn