Bellicher; The Power of Mr. Miller

Thriller Mini Serie 4 x 60' Netherlands


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After the murder of a female colleague, communications consultant Michael Bellicher discovers she was on the track of a terrifying conspiracy. The Miller Network is a group of powerful fundamentalist Christians embroiled in the large-scale falsification of information ultimately aimed at unleashing a civil war against Muslims. When Michael himself is suspected of the murder, he runs. With the police and Huib Breger, the Miller Network’s assassin after him, Michael makes a frantic bid to unmask the conspiracy.

Production Status CompletedDuration Episodes 4 x 60'Genre Thriller Mini SerieCountry of Origin NetherlandsLanguage Spoken DutchDirector David Lammers, Peter de BaanScript Writer Edward Stelder, Pieter KuijpersBased on Based on the bestselling book by Charles den TexProduction Company PupkinCo-production Companies VPRO