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Revenge Thriller90'Netherlands2019


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  • The Fantasia International Film Festival / 2020


Well known Columnist and writer Femke, finds herself being bashed and threatened for months on social media.. The hate-mails keep her awake at night. When she is totally fed up, she decides to takes matters in her own hands, with grave consequences…. But will her actions pay off?

Successful columnist Femke is flooded every day by (anonymous) nasty messages and death allegations on social media, and mainly coming from the sewer of the internet: Twitter. She becomes addicted to the vicious messages, and finds herself at night, continuously clicking back to the hateful comments before she goes to sleep. Not only is this affecting her inspiration to write her columns , she is also needs to finish writing the novel she promised to deliver her publisher.

Finally, one day she is completely done with it and the anger in her ignites fast…. The act of violence and revenge eases and inspires her – she writes like never before.



¨With a premise so ripe in this modern age that we are, quite frankly, surprised it’s taken so long for someone to make it, THE COLUMNIST proves it’s definitely been worth the wait. THE COLUMNIST such a blast. It’s a very entertaining reminder that, no matter how harmless or justified you think your insults are, they can really hurt someone. And that someone can hurt you back. Thank goodness THE COLUMNIST is just a movie. For now.” – Matthew Kiernan (Full review on Fantasia website)

“Katja Herbers is sublime in her role” (

“When a movie is as entertaining as The Columnist, you allow for that suspension of belief and, really, given the tone of the movie, it goes without saying. Thrilling, sharp and well-acted whilst also delivering a swiping acknowledgement and jab at the real issues that social media brings, The Columnist really is a fun romp”.
9/10 (

Production Status Completed Original Title De kuthoer Duration 90' Genre Revenge Thriller Country of Origin Netherlands Production Year 2019 Language Spoken Dutch Director Ivo van Aart Script Writer Daan Windhorst Cast Katja Herbers, Genio de Groot, Rein Hofman Producer Kaja Wolffers, Sabine Brian, Ronald Versteeg Production Company NL Film Co-production Companies BNNVARA Director of Photography Martijn Cousijn