Lost & Found



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Two ex-lovers, wander through Berlin finding inspiration and reassurance in their lives.

Five years after his successful first novel, Lucas has hit a dead end. In a desperate attempt to breathe new life into his second book – a pretentious World War II novel – he travels to Berlin, where he unexpectedly runs into Lena, his old love. When circumstances bring the two of them together, an extraordinary night ensues in which together they roam the streets of Berlin discussing their expectations now that the future has officially begun. But have they truly dealt with everything from the past?

Production Status Completed Duration 98' Genre Drama Country of Origin Netherlands Production Year 2017 Language Spoken Dutch Director Nicole van Kilsdonk (When my father became a Bush, Ventoux) Script Writer Johan Fretz Cast Bram Suijker (The Godless), Hannah Hoekstra (The Fury, Best actress at NFF for “Heaven”), Hajo Bruins (Penoza), Florian Stetter (International Emmy Award Nominee Best Actor for Nackt under Wölfen), Henrike Lange, Jane Chirwa Production Company Topkapi Films Co-production Companies KRO-NCRV