Black Tulip

Suspense Drama 12 x 45' Netherlands 2016


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In this new prestige TV drama, two feuding families in the flower business compete to be the first to cultivate the lucrative and rare Black Tulip … Fertile ground for Murder, intrigue, betrayal, loyalty and love.

The Vonk family has cultivated tulip bulbs for generations, but when Luke Vonk dies, the family business collapses. Working from the afterlife, Luke tries to save his company via his psychic granddaughter Joanne. However, she begins to suffer as the company fails. It’s left to his daughter Emma to save the business by cultivating the rare Black Tulip. Unfortunately, Emma has to deal with the financial and personal turmoil caused by her mother and brothers Ben and Joeri. Meanwhile, the Vonk family is facing a court battle with their arch enemies – The Kesters – who blame Luke Vonk for a death in their family. However, nothing is what it seems in this case. Despite all these problems, Emma falls in love with Felix Kester – her enemy’s son. Together they make a perfect team, but can their relationship survive?

Production Status CompletedOriginal Title Zwarte TulpDuration Episodes 12 x 45'Genre Suspense DramaCountry of Origin NetherlandsProduction Year 2016Language Spoken DutchDirector Johan Timmers, Shariff Korver, Ineke HoutmanScript Writer Jacqueline Epskamp, Wim HoenCast Huub Stapel, Linda van Dyck, Anna Drijver, Roeland Fernhout, Carolien Spoor, Benja Bruijning