Black Tulip

Suspense drama 12 x 45' Netherlands


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In this new prestige TV drama, two feuding families in the flower business compete to be the first to cultivate the lucrative and rare Black Tulip … Fertile ground for Murder, intrigue, betrayal, loyalty and love.

The ‘Black Tulip’ 24 one hour episodes combines powerful drama with (supernatural) suspense and romance in the world of the flower business. A mysterious fatal accident turns two families into arch-enemies. Their rivalry is further ignited by a race to cultivate the rare Black Tulip. Little by little, the mystery of their past is revealed, but nothing is ever what is seems. Soon, both families will have to choose between life or death and love or hate. Can they ever forget the past or will they pursue their vendetta until one of them is destroyed?

Production Status CompletedOriginal Title Zwarte TulpDuration Episodes 12 x 45'Genre Suspense dramaCountry of Origin NetherlandsLanguage Spoken DutchDirector Ben Sombogaart, Vincent Schuurman, Ties SchenkCast Huub Stapel, Linda van Dyck, Anna Drijver, Roeland Fernhout, Carolien Spoor, Benja BruijningProduction Company NL Film