Promise of Pisa wins award at film festival Schlingel

Promise of Pisa wins award at film festival Schlingel

Promise of Pisa won the grand prize of the youth jury at the 25th International Film Festival Schingel in the German city of Chemnitz on Saturday 17 October. The festival is intended for films made for young people. Director Norbert ter Hall and screenwriter Robert Alberdingk Thijm accepted the award digitally.

“The youth jury prize is of course the best prize for a film about young people. Then you know for sure that it has succeeded”, according to the filmmakers.

Promise of Pisa tells the story of the Moroccan Sam who, on the day that his older brother Mo is arrested by the police, is accepted at a prestigious music academy. Sam learns to use his talent, falls in love with the beautiful Annelies and eventually finds his own voice. The leading roles are played by Shahine El-Hamus, Olivia Lonsdale and Yorick van Wageningen.

The film is based on the bestseller of the same name by writer Mano Bouzamour who made his debut at the age of 22 with this semi-autobiographical novel.

In the Netherlands the film premiered last October.

Shahine El-Hamus won the Golden Calf for best actor for his role. The music of the film also won a Golden Calf. Thor Braun was nominated for best male supporting actor and Wouter Jansen for best editing.

This article is translated from RTL