Mocro Maffia Season 5: now streaming in more than 40 countries worldwide!

Mocro Maffia Season 5: now streaming in more than 40 countries worldwide!

The action rollercoaster continues:

Season 6 in pre-production, releasing in 2024

MOCRO MAFFIA, the ultimate Dutch Noir continues into season 5 with TATTA, an exhilarating character feature and seven thrilling episodes, ending with a bang and a GRAND finale. 

And there’s more: the creators have just announced the 6th and very final season will already be released in 2024!

With an IMDb-rating of 8,2 and more than 50 million streams, MOCRO MAFFIA is by far the most successful Dutch crime series of all times.

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as raw as The Wire and as ruthless as Game of Thrones. Just when you get to know a character, here comes the bullet.

– Trouw

Mocro Maffia is the grimmest Dutch Crime Series ever

– Vice

Unique in its kind and extremely high in terms of quality

– AD

Mocro Maffia is the Dutch Breaking Bad

– Veronica Superguide

IMDb 8.2* Rating

MOCRO MAFFIA is a sprawling crime epic that charts the rise and fall of three best friends. ROMANO, PENCIL and THE POPE start as low-level criminals in the Amsterdam underworld. They gradually rise through the ranks to seize control of Amsterdam’s highly profitable illegal cocaine trade.

Unfortunately, slowly but surely, jealousy destroys their friendship…


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