International Poster for new SKOOP Prime title ‘PARIAH’ revealed.

International Poster for new SKOOP Prime title ‘PARIAH’ revealed.

The international poster for our new SKOOP Prime title PARIAH has been revealed!

Directed by Edson da Conceicao, the thrilling feature follows the Ofori family which has fled Ghana to seek refuge in the Netherlands. Samuel, a police officer, was investigating a corruption scandal, which resulted in the family having to leave their home country. As they settle into their new lavish home, they hope for a fresh start. However, their newfound peace is short-lived as Samuel, haunted by the past, uncovers a series of sinister events. The seemingly perfect facade of the family’s new home begins to crumble, revealing a terrifying labyrinth of horrors. As Samuel digs deeper, his line between reality and delusion blurs, leading to a heart-stopping climax. A gripping tale of secrets, betrayal, and the power of the human spirit in the face of darkness.

Produced by IJswater Films & Vpro, with support from CoBO.

The TV PREMIERE was just celebrated on February 22nd on NPO3!

Artwork: Abel van Erkel for RARE CANDY, Foto: Mark de Blok

© IJswater Films