Get Ready for a Gripping Ride with #AnnaIsMissing

Get Ready for a Gripping Ride with #AnnaIsMissing

From the Creators of #MartyIsDead Comes a Thought-Provoking Thriller

In a jaw-dropping sneak peek, the trailer for the highly anticipated series, #AnnaIsMissing, has just been unveiled. From the creators of the International Emmy Award-winning #MartyIsDead, this gripping and thought-provoking series promises an unforgettable journey into the dark side of the internet.

#AnnaIsMissing follows the relentless quest of young Nina as she delves into the perplexing disappearance of Anna, a popular influencer known for her controversial online content. As Nina uncovers shocking revelations about her own father’s connection to Anna, she finds herself navigating a treacherous world of online predators and revenge porn, determined to unearth the truth.

This timely series explores the dangers of our digital footprint and the profound impact of sharing sensitive information online.

Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride through the web’s shadowy corners when #AnnaIsMissing premieres in October 2023!

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