DFGE presents sensational Israeli action thriller SUICIDE  at Marché du Film 2015

DFGE presents sensational Israeli action thriller SUICIDE at Marché du Film 2015

Returning to Cannes, SKOOP Media Global Entertainment (DFGE) has bolstered its sales slate with the acquisition of the worldwide rights to SUICIDE. This sensational action thriller, inspired by real events, is directed by Israel’s rising star Benny Fredman.

SUICIDE follows a young, successful lawyer, who has to commit the perfect crime within 24 hours in order to save her family from a psychotic loan-shark. We are lead on a wild goose chase around an unholy and dark Jerusalem, where all hell breaks loose.

Pim van Collem, CEO DFGE: “This is a unique feature, the first in its genre to come out of Israel. It is inspired by The Usual Suspects, and takes place across parallel time zones, increasing the film’s rhythm and adding another layer of suspense. The film really shows the city’s dark side, as only someone like the talented Benny Fredman could, who knows every inch of Jersualem. I am excited to add this fantastic title to our increasingly international catalogue.”

Other highlights of DFGE’s new slate for Marché du Film 2015 include Dutch box-office hit THE PETER PAN MAN: the latest feature by the award-winning director of THE DEFLOWERING OF EVA VAN END and the racy and exciting UNDERCOVER, featuring iconic cast Nilüfer Aydan, Sinan Bengier, Nasrdin Dchar and Meral Polat.

In addition, DFGE will be presenting production powerhouse Topkapi’s quality family film KIDNAP, bound to become a children’s favorite, and the latest footage of Dummie the Mummy and the Sphinx of Shakaba. The films star some of the industry’s most celebrated children’s characters and exemplify the diversity of DFGE’s rapidly expanding catalogue.